New system, HD TV

August 28th, 2010

New house, new system. Muzikbrowzer looks sweet in HD.

My entertainment center

February 21st, 2008

Here’s how I’ve set up my entertainment center/pc environment.

My components are in (3) Mid Atlantic racks; all matte black (the racks slide out on tracks for access - very nice). So I bought the Mid Atlantic rack mount pc enclosure and built a pc inside it. I purposely keep this pc running old hardware so that I don’t force my users to be on the latest fast hardware. This unit is a 551mhz Pentium III with 128mb. It’s running the current version of Muzikbrowzer 2.

Soundblaster audio (using the digital audio out) and an ATI video card to get composite video out to my 61″ tv. (Still don’t have HDTV. Someday, sigh)

Using an Irman for remote control I drilled a hole in one of the rack panels and mounted the Irman behind the hole.

I tried the Pronto Pro universal remote, but don’t care for the touch screen. I’ve been using the MX-500 UniverslRemoteControl.com remote for several years and have been happy with it.

In the pic you can see how I programmed the 10 lcd labeled buttons for Muzikbrowzer functions. Plus I find that the 5 function “thumb disc” works nicely for Muzikbrowzer navigation.

Why Muzikbrowzer?

February 21st, 2008

Well in 1999 or so I began looking for a way to integrate digital music into my entertainment center. I wanted to play mp3 audio into my a/v receiver. Further more I wanted to browse my music library on my tv screen with a remote control.

There wasn’t much around at that time but I did look at a number of components and software. None of them came even close to what I wanted. Before long I began taking a closer look into what was available to be able to write a program to do this.

The first things I came across involved some perl modules and within a short time I had cobbled together a prototype of what I wanted. I called it ‘yajb’ for ‘yet another juke box’.

yajb worked well for me for some time. I even was able to have it read remote control signals via an ir receiver, Irman.

Well I used that for maybe a year or so. All my friends, family and anyone who saw it on my TV screen were very impressed and wanted it. So I figured maybe I should try to productize it and see if I could sell some copies.

So I then embarked on productizing the concept. Muzikbrowzer 1.0 was released in 2002.

yajb.pl (perl script)
Muzikbrowzer version 1

Here’s a picture of yajb on my tv:


February 15th, 2008

Muzikbrowzer is owned, designed, developed, marketed and supported by me, Mike and my brother Mark, in Austin Texas USA. Development began in 1999 as a personal project. Popular interest and the lack of anything similiar in the industry led to the first commercial release in 2002.